Six Feet Down Under Episode 1 hits “the interwebs”

We just wanted to give you a look at this action packed web series that was released TODAY. Directed by Shaun Piccinino (The Lackey) , produced by Steve Pisa (War Baby) and Starring Guy Grundy (The Lackey). It also stars the director of “Super Power Beat Down,” Aaron Schoenke. Nick Reisinger (Grimm) from the Hectic Films Productions did all the make-up and special effects as well.

Terry’s review of the first episode will be up soon, check back later on our blog.

Video Description:

An elite assassin, Mick Grayson finds the tables turned when his employer’s traitorous son puts out a hit on him. Now to Escape his past, he must Fight for his Future…

Six Feet Down Under is an action series from the award winning creators of underground actioner “The Lackey” (Action feature film made on $7,000) and the action team behind Youtube mega hit Super Power Beat Down

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