Camp Crystal Lake Short Announced!

 As Halloween quickly approaches, there seems to be a quiet stirring in the midnight air. That subtle noise that draws your attention as you lay awake at night, wondering if you are indeed as alone as you thought!

Fear you should, for Hectic Films in association with Curtis Noble Photography & Project Oh! Magazine have been burning up the midnight oil to produce and film a new terror short for your Halloween enjoyment.

Camp Crystal Lake is a fan film short from the world of Friday the 13th. Starring Jessica Bertrand, Erica Morgan, and D.T. Carney as Jason Vorhees, the hockey mask wearing lover of weaponry and murder! Oh how it warms my horror loving heart just thinking about it!

Camp Crystal Lake is the brainchild of the award winning Rickey Bird from Hectic Films and Curtis Noble of Curtis Noble Photography. Curtis actually discovered the location while snapping some awesome pictures for his photography business and mentioned it to Rickey. Together they quickly drove up and scouted this deserted area to make sure it hadn’t been torn down, or over run by bears. Seeing that all was well, they rallied the troops and headed off to film.

However, this last minute idea never would have happened on it’s own. In fact, the call to arms went out not long ago and was answered swiftly by local artists, actors, and entrepreneurs.

Jeremy Gonzalez, the founder of Project Oh! Magazine jumped on board and brought No Image Photography to this table of terror. In addition, Curtis Noble of Curtis Noble Photography slashed some time from a very busy schedule to be a part of this fan film project. The actors, Jessica Bertrand, Erica Morgan, and D.T. Carney heard the idea and fell in love with it as well, making time and sacrifices to make sure Hectic Films could get this out to the people by Halloween 2015!

There were others who headed out into the night to make sure this project got done as well. Among those who waded out into the post mud slides darkness are Rickey Bird III, Charlie Jacquez, and others!


crystal lake poster 3

Even after all this sacrifice and hard work, Camp Crystal Lake still needed a little extra help to get it ready for it’s Halloween release! Enter the ever cunning magician of post production magic Jason Sanders of Cinertain Drive-In Bakersfield, who dedicated time and resources to this project, while juggling many others at the same time!

While Team Hectic Films scampered about tying up loose ends, as well as witnesses, and finishing the film, actor and model Erica Morgan had an idea. Why just stop at releasing it online? Why not find an amazing Halloween Party event to showcase it?

That is when Patrick and Priscilla Spurlock got involved and with the help of 89.7fm (KSVG Savage Radio) and Sandrini’s Bar, offered to bring the unedited version of Camp Crystal Lake to the Phantom Strangers Halloween Boogeyman Jam on Saturday October 31st.

That’s right folks, anyone and everyone can watch the edited version when it releases to stream for free on October 30th, and then the party people can get down to Sandrini’s on Saturday and watch the full version, with a hint of nudity on Saturday!

Check out the Behind the Scenes Outtake:



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