Interview with Shawn Burkett

(IFG) Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a 31 year old indie filmmaker based from Brookville, Ohio. I’ve been making films for five years now, and have made such titles as The Sleeping Soul, Bludgeon and Panty Raid. Currently I am working on my fourth feature film that’s titled “Don’t Fuck In The Woods”.

(IFG) What films have you found inspire you in your work?

John Carpenter’s “Halloween”, Ti West’s “The House of the Devil”, David Slade’s “Hard Candy”, Joe Dante’s “The Howling”
I could go on and on, lol But I grew up on a mixture of the Universal Monsters, The Slumber Party Massacre & Sleepaway Camp films.

(IFG) How did you come up with the idea for “Don’t Fuck In The Woods”?

I just wanted to do something different and in a way pay homage to the great 80’s horror flicks, as well as the Universal creature features.
So many indie filmmakers were making slasher films at that time, and I wanted to stand out. Every filmmaker wants to stand out and be recognized.

(IFG) What can people expect from “DFITW”?

A film with a plot, Gore, Nudity, Premarital Sex, a creature that thrives on pheromones, Explosions, an epic battle between man and beast, and Lesbians.

(IFG) What do you think makes “DFITW” different from other horror films?

I’d have to say the title, lol. It’s bold, upfront, it catches your eye and sums up the film. And many people feel that this title will eventually hurt the film, but the only other title I could come up with for it is “Fucked”. So i’d still be in the same boat, lol.

(IFG) What are some of the challenges you have faced in creating this film?

Casting is something I dread on any film, but it’s been more complicated with this one, lol. Between casting and re-casting, loosing the assistance of a production company, having to launch additional funding campaigns. It’s all a challenge, but in the end people are going to be blown away by this film, and a lot of people will end up eating there words wink emoticon.

(IFG) When and where can we expect to see the film?

Our late release date is October 23rd, 2015. We plan to send it out to over 40 film festivals and we will also be setting up several screenings in Ohio.

(IFG) What’s next for you after “DFITW”?

At the moment I have three other scripts that are ready for casting. One is a follow up to my short film “The way of the Buffalo” and it’s called “Where the Buffalo Roam”, I also have a script titled “Stag” that I’d like to shoot next winter. And then I have another that I can’t talk about, lol.

(IFG) Any plans for a sequel?

Oh, there’s a script, lol. But honestly, I’ve been working on this film for 2 years now, so it would be nice to step out of this world and into a new one for a bit.

(IFG) And our last question, do you have any tips or wisdom for the aspiring film makers out there?

Get dirty, Get Creative, and stick to your guns! There is a vast amount of knowledge online on how to do everything when it comes to filmmaking. There are so many cool and extremely expensive toys out there, but most of them can be created for a fracture of the price by doing a little research. Don’t be afraid to do something different!

Thanks Shawn!
If you want to find out more about Shawn’s current project or to catch some of his previous work then check out the links below.




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