Omelet Film Reviews: “Infected” by Hectic Films for the #HBFilmFest

Omelet Film Reviews: “Infected” by Hectic Films.

THIS JUST IN. A city in central California has gone the way of the infected and we don’t mean the measles or ebola. Although if the measles were involved we’d probably still watch. We’re talking full-on zombie apocalypse right in your neighborhood parking garage. Aptly titled “Infected,” by Hectic Films out of Bakersfield, California, this zombie short pits some unlucky jerk (probably works for a law firm and played very well by actor-director Rickey Bird) who can’t get into a red truck (too bad!) against a metalhead zombie (Anthony Galland). We’re guessing he just escaped from a Whitesnake concert turned zombie HELL where he was moshing the life out of some school-skipping teenagers. The zombie is terrifying and oozing from every facial pore (Gore factor of +1). Either way, this lawyer douchebag is screwed, right? That’s what he gets for ripping off honest Americans. When it all goes down, metalhead zombie gets to battle our wandering uninfected semi-human. Why the hell both of these guys are using the same parking garage is beyond us, but wait, there’s more. The lawyer has to get on the elevator or he’s doomed (though by the sound out on the streets he’s better off going to the top and jumping off onto a passing cop car). Don’t forget our favorite scene, an epic dystopian shot as if this garage is a wasteland followed by some truly good facial expressions by Bird, and then . . . COMPACT ONLY? Yes, nice touch! Excellent makeup by Nick Reisinger, editing and camerawork from Jason Sanders and David Karnowski and score by Landen Belardes and Nick Stockman. Please take a moment to like this film on YouTube. We did. 3 of 4 stars. – The Omelet Team

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