Formaly the Austin Indie Flix, The Austin Revolution Film Festival is now accepting submissions for 2014! They are giving a discount to all film makers on The Indie Film Group! All you have to do is enter the promo code IndieFilm and you get $5 off !

Submit Here:

Check out their website:

Festival Description

Bringing true indie films to Austin! The AUSTIN REVOLUTION FILM FESTIVAL was started by filmmakers who realized many festivals were only programming films with big stars. So they started their own fest, building a brand based on screening films and creating excellent networking opportunities for true indie filmmakers.

The exact 3 days in September will be narrowed down soon.

Awards & Prizes

Award Categories:

Ambassador Global Best Feature
Underdogs Best Short
Best Foreign Short
Best Foreign Feature
Best Texas Short
Best Texas Feature
Best Texas Director
Best Horror
Best Horror Short
Best Web Program
Best Script
Best Documentary
Best Documentary Short
Best Director
Best Actress Feature
Best Actor Feature
Best Actress Short
Best Actor Short
Best Special F/X
Best Cinematography

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