Annabelle beats Gone Girl opening day

So how does a little horror film like Annabelle beat a film like Gone Girl on opening day?  Annabelle with no big actors and only around 7 million dollar budget has some people shaking their heads.  Could it just be the fact that it is October?

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Still, it’s amazing that a little movie with limited audience, no wide marketing and no marquee actors can even compete with, let alone match, a studio movie that has all the components of a long-haul fall smash.

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In the prequel to “The Conjuring,” the fact-based horror story that scared millions, “Annabelle” tells the tale of how the creepy doll became sinister. While the film, which is a mix of “Rosemary’s Baby,” “The Conjuring” and “Insidious,” reveals the backstory of the evil doll’s demonic possession, its delivery is lackluster and drawn-out.

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