Interview with Janis Munz

(IFG)Tell us who you are.
My name is Janis Munz. I was born and raised in Paris, France; which I left at the age of 18 to
move to NYC, where I’ve been studying film ever since.
(IFG) So why do you make films?
I love film as an art form. I feel like it condenses every kind of art possible into one. Cause with
film, every sense is aroused. It is also the medium that I relate to the most.
(IFG)What are your top 3 favorite films?
That’s a hard one! This list changes a lot 😉 I’d say, Natural Born Killers, Je Vous Aime and 12
Angry Men.
But as I’m writing this, I feel like I am leaving out so many that deserve to be in this list!
(IFG)How do these films influence you in your work?
I wouldn’t say that my favorite films are the ones the influence my work the most. I am influenced
by everything I see and experience in general. I also try to write about matters that I am close to,
laughter, happiness, anxiety, people…
(IFG)If you had a million dollar budget what kind of film would you make and who would star in it?

I’ll see when I have that budget!
(IFG)Please tell us about the movie Take My Picture.
Take My Picture is the comedic portrayal of Paul, a young man that takes pictures of random
people and makes their stories up to cope with his social anxieties. Every day he goes to the same
park and sees the same girl, Mathilde, whom he can’t get himself to take a picture of because of
his anxiety.
(IFG)Where can people get involved with this project?
The best way for people to get involved is to contact me through Facebook or to email me at
We also launched a kickstarted campaign a few weeks ago that will end on Sept 24th. https://
(IFG)How did you come up with the story for Take My Picture?
As I went through a phase of strong anxiety myself, I noticed that a lot of people around me
experienced the same thing. I also noticed that the best way for me to cope with it was to laugh,
laugh and laugh. Which is basically why I wrote a romantic comedy. What makes someone happier
than love and laughter?
(IFG)What can people expect from the film?
They’ll have to tell me when they see it!
(IFG)Where can people see more of your work?
On my vimeo page, Janis Munz.
(IFG)What is one tip you think other film makers should know?
Love your work! (Obviously, ahah)

Take My Picture Trailer

Take My Picture / Trailer from Janis Munz on Vimeo.

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