Interview with Kris Roselli

Here is the interview with Kris Roselli, the writer/director of “Common Grounds”. Kris let us watch this short film and I have to say the film was very entertaining and had some great acting.  The film is currently being reviewed by IFG so make sure to check back soon.


(IFG) Tell us who you are.

I’m Kris Roselli. People who know me best say that I’m multi-talented and driven with a good heart.

(IFG) So why do you make films?

Ever since I was young, movies have made a big impact on my life. There’s nothing like seeing a good film and having it take you for a ride and touch your soul. I knew even when I was little that this is what I want to do with my life and I’ve been working at it ever since. I’ve been improving my craft and making films my whole life. I have an intense burning passion deep within me to make movies and craft great stories. I think the most rewarding part about what I do is that it inspires others.

(IFG) What are your top 3 favorite films?

For me, this is nearly impossible to answer. That’s like asking a passionate musician what his favorite song is. I love so many films for so many different reasons. Since I was little though, Peter Pan has always been one of my all-time favorites.

(IFG) How do these films influence you in your work?

I take away something from each film. Sometimes it’s the story. Sometime’s it’s the many technical production aspects. Most times it’s both. And when both are well crafted, that’s when you get movie magic. That’s when you get that deeply resonating influence that inspires you.

(IFG) If you had a million dollar budget what kind of film would you make and who would star in it?

I’d make one of my feature scripts called Porcelain Hearts and Joseph Gordon-Levitt would star.

(IFG) So how did you come up with short film Common Grounds?

I knew I wanted to do a heavy drama. Something important and reflective for everyone to relate to in some way or another. Something character driven. Actually Common Grounds came from characters from 2 different feature scripts I wrote. So I pulled the characters together and crafted the story from there. I went though about 5 or 6 different drafts of the script to focus the story.

(IFG) Where can people see this film?

Right now it’s going though the film fest circuit and will be released online after that’s done for your to check out. To stay updated check out the film’s page here:

(IFG) What was the most difficult part of filming?

When making ultra low budget films, it’s important to have everything in order. I’m big on pre-pro which ultimately makes the whole production run smoother, but you will always run into unforeseen obstacles. The most difficult part was the long hours. We shot the whole movie in only 2 days back to back. It was extremely exhausting. Physically and mentally. But the whole cast and crew was really great. They were focused and on their toes the whole time, while still keeping a great attitude. It’s amazing what you can get accomplished when you have delightful and talented people to work with. I think that’s very important when making a film. You’ve got to have a solid foundation before you can build the house. I’ve been on some grueling sets. Thankfully, this wasn’t one of them.

(IFG) What is next for you?

I’m focusing on getting a budget for my first ‘major’ feature film. I say ‘major’ in quotes because I made a feature film when I was 18 and had it premiere at a theater in Philly, but I wasn’t looking to break any box office records with that one. Major production consists of having an actual budget to work with. Anyway, recently, I’ve written 3 feature scripts. One is a drama/thriller called ‘Porcelain Hearts’ which I think is going to be the one I do first.

(IFG) Where can people see more of your work?

Here’s some links to my recent work. These are all shoe-string budget films, made with very little money. They have all been well-recieved and accepted to some wonderful festivals. Along with being a writer/director/editor/cinematographer, I’m also a photographer, graphic artist, and movie poster designer.

‘Flesh Eaters: A Love Story’ fan page:

full movie:



Yellow’ fan page:

full movie:



‘The Projectionist: A Passion for Film’ fan page:



‘Common Grounds’ fan page:



movie key art:

photography and design:

my imdb:


(IFG) What is one tip you think other film makers should know?

Don’t be an asshole. You get more bees with honey.


Here is another project of Kris’s “Yellow”

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