Ignition Film House Interview

The Indie Film Group had a quick interview with David Dale part owner of the upcoming film company Ignition Film House based out of Los Angeles, California.  Be sure to check out their facebook page.

david dale

(IFG) Tell us a little about yourself.

(David) I have been a professional photographer for more than 40 years, basically in commercial and advertising. About six years ago, I came across an extremely naturally talented lady and now own half of a major production company ( Ignition Film House ).

(IFG) What projects are you currently working on?

(David) We have given and received great comments to huge studio people, a couple of concepts they want them and told us to hold on for a few weeks and not to show them or market them elsewhere.

(IFG) So what do you want people to know about Ignition Film House?

(David) That it is run by an extremely honest lady that was a model and actor first and knows of all the garbage out there, and wants to run a legitimate business and no trash and very honest.

(IFG)  Any tips for indie film makers?

(David) Never give up, but do understand this business is more who you know than what you know. It is hard to find real connections that have the last word, without being family or a very close friend.

(IFG)  What are 3 films you feel influence you the most?

(David) Too many to say, and do not want to leave anyone out.

More information about Ignition Film House



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