Eli Roth’s ‘The Green Inferno’ Pulled From Release

Wow this new film from Eli Roth looks disturbing but according to Deadline.com this film is has just scratched it’s release date.

Since this is Roth’s first directorial outing in six years and his budget conscious fright fare almost always scares up profits, this is almost as shocking as the subject matter and also a tasty bit of dish. I’ve confirmed from Open Road that the release date is scratched, though the distributor won’t comment further, including whether there will be a later release date or if this goes straight to video. Worldview has been going through a restructure since the abrupt and largely unexplained exit of CEO Woodrow, which Deadline revealed last June.” -Deadline.com


Judging from the trailer the film looks like it will be pretty brutal.  But honestly what film has Eli Roth created that isn’t a little brutal.





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