Action on Film Festival

Don’t let the name fool you. The “Action on Film Festival” isn’t an annual gathering of Steven Seagal fans getting their fill of non-stop action flicks – it’s about the appreciation of action captured in all film genres and the people behind the camera taking action to get them made. And this year all the action is going down in Monrovia, California from August 22-30th. 

It’s not uncommon for filmmakers to have bad experiences in the rough reality of the film industry, but Del Weston is among the few who used his tribulations as inspiration to take action and create a better experience for others. In 2004 he established the AOF as a venue to showcase unseen talent and since then it has evolved into many action-making entities of its own. The festival itself has become renowned for its quality selection of films and videos, and it’s sold out black tie galas attracting more celebrities into the mix each year. In addition to the AOF’s impressive list of past Lifetime Acheivment winners that include actor/writer/producer D.B. Sweeney, Harry Lennix of The Matrix and John Savage of the Deerhunter, each year the festival awards its biggest prizes to new talent with over $100,000 given out in cash and gifts. 

Not only has the AOFF earned international acclaim and listed among MovieMaker magazine’s exclusive list of top festivals, in 2011 it became one of the only International festivals to have its own television show featuring the work of top AOF Filmmakers and celebrity guests. But perhaps most important, is that the festival’s succes has helped to realize its initial vision of helping writers and filmmakers take action to succeed their careers. In fact, the AOF has become an industry resource pool of its own offering exclusive opportunities for artists to learn the tools of their tumultuous trade from the real industry players who actually know the game. 

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