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Interview with Juan Carlos Oseguera

The Indie Film Group recently had the opportunity to interview Juan Carlos Oseguera, the Writer/Director of the award winning documentary…

Interview with Lowell Dean
lowell dean-feature-480x250-480x250

The Indie Film Group recently had an interview with “WolfCop” director Lowell Dean. (IFG) Tell us a little about yourself….

Interview with Shawn Burkett
shawn b-feature-480x250-480x250 copy

(IFG) Tell us a little about yourself. I’m a 31 year old indie filmmaker based from Brookville, Ohio. I’ve been…

Interview with the Filmmakers of Volumes of Blood
PJ Nat-feature-480x250-480x250

The Indie Film Group sat down to discuss the new horror film Volumes of Blood with co directors PJ Starks…

Interview with Gregory Blair

(IFG) Tell us who you are. I’m a Southern California boy, born and bred. But I don’t surf, I don’t wear…

Interview with Geno McGahee

(IFG) Tell us who you are. My name is Geno McGahee. I am a filmmaker out of Western Massachusetts. I…

Interview with Shaun Piccinino
shaun feature

1. Tell us who you are: Hello, Shaun Piccinino here. Director, Actor, Stunt Coordinator 2. So why do you make…

Interview with Janis Munz

(IFG)Tell us who you are. My name is Janis Munz. I was born and raised in Paris, France; which I…

Interview with James Christopher

(IFG) Tell us who you are: My name is James Christopher. I’m an Army vet and a graduate of the…

Interview with Kris Roselli

Here is the interview with Kris Roselli, the writer/director of “Common Grounds”. Kris let us watch this short film and…

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